Wuka books to tame the inner monster

Kids playing with wuka

The best children’s toys are simple ones that are often handed down through generations. Wuka books are fabric books you will recognise from your own childhood – but with a twist.

A wuka is an educational toy made up of individual fabric squares held together by a binding called a link. Parents can chose which squares they want to form their child’s very own Wuka book.

Jacket buttoned up

Choose from squares that teach children to tie, button or match. As children grow, their Wuka books can easily be updated by removing the handmade squares and adding new ones.

Square pile

Wuka founder Matt, who describes himself as a one-time “unruly child”, based the idea on a similar book his mother made for him to “tame the inner monster”. He called it his quiet book and he used it in cars, waiting rooms and church. Not only did the book keep Matt quiet and occupied, but it taught him essential life skills.


Wuka teaches children advanced motor skills, colour identification, shape and spatial recognition and sensory perception.

The cost of each square varies, starting at $13.25 to $21.80 with the silicone links priced at $2.30. Wuka ships internationally.

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