“Wrong bottle!” Doctor’s bungle leaves pregnant mum with burning lady bits

mums burning internal exam

A US mum has quite rightly described her OBGYN appointment as “the worst thing in OB history” because the doctor applied hand sanitiser to her lady parts instead of the usual lubricating gel.

Next-level ouch

From the get-go let’s say that internal examinations are not much fun at the best of times. Couple this intimate exploration with pregnancy and the odds are already stacked way against you in the rad times stakes.

But know this, people with vaginas… Be warned. Some distracted overachieving types can make these exams even more difficult to endure.

This lovely, good-natured couple’s doctor for instance. He took things to a whole new level on the uncomfortability chart, using a bracing dose of hand sanitiser to expedite a routine post-ultrasound internal examination. No regular discomfort-reducing gel for this guy, this day. Nope.

He’s going to take things up a notch, albeit by accident.

Wait, whaaaat?!

The mum in question – Motherhood Madness blogger Rachel McQueen – instantly realised something was wrong when her hooha started to burn like an absolute mofo.

“Oh! Oh! Whatever you put in there, it’s HOT. You got to GO!!” She reportedly spluttered.

Then she elaborated further: “You got to goooooooooo!” (You really need to do yourself a favour and watch the video, to see her hubby role-playing her reaction.)

“You got to goooooooooo!” seems the politest response one could summon under these circumstances, in our opinion.

We suspect she then crossed her legs, possibly after swiftly extending a foot towards said doctor (hopefully in his man parts) as he disappeared out the door.

Raising awareness

In hindsight the whole thing is hilarious. Apparently.

Where some people would be getting their lawyer on the phone super-stat, this good-humoured couple had other plans.



Rather than trying their hand at litigation, Rachel and husband Chris uploaded a video to Facebook (where it’s been shared over 80 000 times already), detailing the incident, blow-by-blow for our entertainment, instead.

“He grabbed the wrong bottle!” Rachel says wiping away hysterical tears of disbelief, as the couple recap their doctor’s appointment like a particularly worrying episode of The Bachelor.

“Worst experience of my entire life,” she summed up, literally screaming with laughter. Or possibly post-traumatic stress.

Selflessly, Rachel wants this to be a teaching moment too, offering some sage advice to her doctor…

“Please don’t use hand sanitiser ever again.”


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