“I wouldn’t let him eat deodorant” and other reasons why we are the worst parents ever

Asked your child to stop eating deodorant? Suggested he not stick goo in the dog’s ear? Request that she carry her own bag?

Did it result in a meltdown of epic proportions. But, guess what, you’re not alone.  Here are the photos to prove it.

One of my favourite things about being a parent is being told I am a “mean mummy” on a regular basis. What mum doesn’t love hearing this?

Why am I a mean mummy, you ask? Oh, you know, because I insist my kids do things like wear underwear to school, brush their teeth at night and use the toilet instead of peeing on the neighbour’s front yard. But, after doing some research, it turns out, I’m not the worst mother in the world.

These parents are.

Or, that’s what their children think. Come and relish in these ridiculous reasons why these children chucked tantrums, submitted by horrible parents around the world through an Instagram account and collaborated by Bored Panda for your viewing pleasure.

  • “I didn’t want to serve her warm dinner on top of my old, smelly, dirty tennis shoes.”

asshole shoes

“I wouldn’t let her drive the car.”

“I didn’t let him bite my toe.” 

“I won’t let her paint her teeth with gold nail polish.”

“I made her go to story time at the library where there is music and toys and snacks and friends.”

She had to meet President Obama.

asshole obama

“The helicopter flew away.”

“I took him to the park.” 

“I sang Happy Birthday wrong.”

Her new present of a princess nightgown and matching slippers didn’t come with a crown.

asshole crown

“She wanted a ponytail. But she doesn’t have enough hair.”

“I wouldn’t let him put a toilet bowl brush in his mouth.”

“I wouldn’t let him eat his father’s deodorant.”

You steal their nose.


“I called her by her real name rather than Elsa.”

“I took her on lovely walk with a whole bunch of her little buddies.”

“I asked her to stop sucking out the toothpaste from the tube.”

asshole toothpaste

“I wouldn’t lock him in the refrigerator.”

“I didn’t get her a Mother’s Day present.”

“I told him we couldn’t grow bananas in our garden because we live in Sweden.”

asshole swedan

“I wouldn’t let her throw the car keys into the ocean.”

“I wouldn’t let him eat goat poop.”

“Her shadow was following her. And I did nothing about it.”

I wouldn’t let him inflict me with pain.

asshole pain

“I wouldn’t remove the hearts from her pyjamas.”

“I asked her to carry her own bag.”

“I wouldn’t let her touch the dog’s poop.”

asshole poop

“I refused to let him stuff dough in the dog’s ear.”

“I wouldn’t let him run around a restaurant with a knife.”

“I won’t give her the cough medicine. Because she doesn’t have a cough.”

asshole cough

See mums and dads! There’ s a whole world of parents out there who are considered to be less than ideal by their kids. And I am sure there are countless other reasons we can all add to this list.

So, thank you Bored Panda, for making me feel so much better about my parenting skills. Check out the full list over at Bored Panda, as well as our own Babyology reader’s reasons why their kids tantrum. And, to ensure extra satisfaction, check out the 44 reasons my toddler got angry at me…in one day. 

(via Bored Panda)

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