Would you let your parents name your baby for $10,000?

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more difficult to choose a baby name, comes a whole new complication. Grandparents are now throwing their hats into the ring, asking for naming rights over their grandchildren. And they’re willing to pay for the privilege. 

Most of us have a list of names that we bandy back and forth with our partner, as we await the arrival of our babies. But would you consider forgoing all naming rights over your child, in exchange for cash, or even the family business?

While it sounds like something that only happens in the British royal family, a growing number of grandparents want the privilege of naming their grandchildren.

Restaurant manager Frank Huddock and his wife Jennifer had finally decided on the name Max for their child, and then they were thrown a curve ball. Frank’s grandparents wanted the couple to name their son Frank, in keeping with family tradition.

Frank’s wife told him it was never going to happen. But according to The New York Times, once the handsome sum of $10,000 was offered, Jennifer decided she would consider taking the money for the moniker.

Ultimately the name Max won out, but that name actually does pay homage to a grandparent – Jennifer’s dad who died when she was a child. “It was a decision we made together as husband and wife,” she says.


US-based naming consultant (yes there is such a thing), Maryanna Korwitts says she had a client’s grandfather offer him the family business in exchange for naming one of his children. Another client’s in-laws dangled a fairytale wedding as a rather enticing carrot, if they could name the couple’s first born.


A New York graphic designer, who wanted to remain anonymous, says her mother-in-law’s offer of money for the rights over naming her daughter was tempting.

“If I really believed I could have gotten her to pay for college, it really seems foolish of me not to put my discomfort aside,” she says. “I would probably always resent that person, but to be able to take care of that anxiety, that would be nice.”

She decided not to take her up on the offer, because, “you only get to do this once”.

What would you do? If you were in a financial pickle, would the offer of cash be enough to let your parents or grandparents name your child?

(via The New York Times)

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