Working mum’s surprise breast milk spray after marathon 14 hour meeting

Breastfeeding mums know the utter agony that comes with engorgement. Now, imagine being in a work meeting for 14 hours straight without being able to express. What would you do? If you’re this mum, you take matters into your own hands – quite literally.

A video of a woman in Ukraine pulling out her breast and spraying breast milk at her colleagues may seem rather strange, but any nursing mum who’s missed a feed – or three – will certainly feel her pain.

The video shows a rather frustrated mother attempting to free her engorged breast after hours spent in a business meeting. While it’s hard to determine what is actually being said – even our own Ukrainian-speaking editor couldn’t be sure – one Reddit user claims the woman says, “I can’t anymore! I want to go home. Declare a break!”

It has been suggested that the Law Conference she was attending went for 14 hours, during which she was denied a break to express her milk.

While Western countries are doing everything in their power to make work places friendly for breastfeeding mums, it seems many other countries, such as Ukraine, have a long way to go.

According to the Australian Breastfeeding Association, our federal Sex Discrimination Act compels employers to provide “suitable facilities for breastfeeding or expressing milk and must organise work breaks to facilitate breastfeeding or expressing milk”. Australian politicians are even allowed to breastfeed while on the job at work.

Breastfeeding mums, would you be able to go 14 hours straight without expressing? Given the circumstances would you do the same? I certainly would.

(via Jezabel)


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