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My favourite book to read to my boys at bedtime is Richard Scarry’s What Do People Do All Day. They love it because there are illustrations of pigs driving cheese-shaped cars and breadsticks driven by rabbits. I love it because it teaches them how people earn money and the cycle of industry.

We started our business Cake Occasions from home in late 2006 when our youngest son was about eight weeks old and our other son not quite two. Since then we have expanded into a small studio below our apartment.

Watching us work has taught our boys about earning money. They see us work rather than have an abstract concept of a parent going to work. We’ve had to explain to them we cannot play all the time just because we are at home. They’ve learnt how to wait for our attention while  we work and to respect and not touch the cakes that are in preparation or ready to go out.

Beyond all these life lessons, we are able to involve our children in our work. High up on the list of chores they enjoy is helping make ganache for the cakes. Each has a small whisk and they help stir the melted chocolate and cream together – of course with some whisk licking at the end.

Working from home or running your own business when you have preschoolers can be challenging but also very rewarding. We can be flexible with our time – a huge bonus for a work-from-home career. We can take time off when they are sick, take them to the park and to activities without interfering with our workday, but this also means working into the wee hours most nights when they sleep.

Not only does working for yourself cause you to work odd hours but also you work all the time. It is hard to break away when work’s only a phone call or email away from a laptop sitting on a desk.

Sometimes we wish owning and operating our business was a little easier, that we could work a little less and that the business would run itself. But who doesn’t wish for these things?

We’d love to hear about your work from home businesses, feel free to comment below.


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