Words are decoration


I’m quite excited to have discovered Kidimo, a company making decorative artworks from signs found at second hand and antique shops.

Kidimo is the baby of Nicholas Flachot. Nicholas is passionate about industrial design and typography, and a self-confessed junk market junkie. It was during his first visit to a flea market with daughter Lou that he found the three letters of her name, which he built into a decoration for her room. This experience gave Nicholas the idea of creating artwork from lettering on vintage signs.

What appeals to me about Kidimo is the process of taking real, living letters and reusing them in a new context. The letters are not mass produced, but are unique objects brought together to write a new story. Evocative words, carefully married typography, materials and colours make them special pieces for children’s rooms.

Kidimo words are made from zinc, Bakelite or wood letters, and come in various sizes. A great selection of Kidimo words for children’s spaces are available from Little Fashion Gallery.

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