Woman runs marathon, delivers sister-in-law’s baby, because #Girlpower!

Angela Clegg and daughter Lucie

Credit controller Angela Clegg was feeling pretty chuffed with herself when she completed the London Marathon a week or so ago, but a few days later she levelled WAY up, delivering her sister-in-law’s baby on the lounge room floor! It was quite the eventful week.

Blacked out

Lancashire mum Leanne was heavily pregnant and hopping into her car, on her way to run an errand when things took a turn for the worse.

“I think I blacked out because I don’t remember coming into the house,” Leanne told the Rossendale Free Press.

Luckily marathon-runner aka baby-catching-sister-in-law Angela was on hand, with her own daughter, 22-year-old Lucie-Marie. This baby was ready to rumble and emergency services were on the way, but not imminent.

Impressive response

Leanne explained that once she regained consciousness, all the right things seemed to be going on around her.

“Lucie was holding my hand and poor Angela was on the receiving end while [Leanne’s husband] Adam was getting instructions on the phone. He was all over the place, up and down the stairs, looking out for the ambulance and trying to be there for me.””

Leanne credits her awesome sister-in-law and niece Lucy for the successful and speedy delivery of her little boy.

“Angela was telling me what was happening and when to push. She had to take the cord off his neck twice. If it wasn’t for Angela, and we were at home, we would have panicked.”

Getting the job done

It seems that Angela takes both marathons and childbirth in her stride, helping her sister-in-law meet her new baby with a steady approach and a couple of pushes.

“The ambulance took an hour to come… and when they arrived, we’d already delivered. She had him in about 45 minutes, two pushes and he was here,” Angela marvelled.

Little Harry Oliver was born safe and sound on the lounge room floor weighing six pounds four ounces.

“I’ve never seen a baby born before. It’s incredible to see new life coming into this world,” Angela said.

“To run the marathon and actually finish it and get your medal, have a couple of days and then have your nephew born in your front room; it’s amazing,” she summed up.

Amazing indeed!

Congratulations to Leanne and Adam and well done Angela (and Lucie!)

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