A mum in a coma with brain cancer gives birth to baby girl named Life

Cure 4 Carrie

Thirty-seven-year-old Michigan mother, Carrie Deklyen, has been in a coma with brain cancer since July. On Wednesday she also miraculously gave birth to her sixth child via an emergency c-section – a 24-week old baby girl called Life, who is reportedly doing well.

A tough decision

Loving wife and mum of five, Carrie Deklyen, was sadly diagnosed with glioblastoma (a serious brain tumour), only two weeks before also finding out she was pregnant with her sixth child. While undergoing two surgeries to remove the tumour, she did however deny a clinical trial in order to protect her unborn baby – a brave decision she made with the support of her husband, Nick.

“I asked her what she wanted to do. She said, ‘We are keeping it,’” Nick told ABC News last month. “That was always my choice too, but I wanted her to decide because it was her life we were talking about.”

Fighting for two lives

Knowing there would be tough times ahead, Carrie’s family set up a Cure4Carrie Facebook site and Go Fund Me page so people could help support Carrie and be kept updated about her condition. Sadly, Carrie suffered a stroke five weeks ago rendering her unresponsive, with the tumour showing rapid growth despite fluid being drained several times. Doctors had hoped to delay delivering the baby until at least 28 weeks, but after a decline in health from both mother and child, this Wednesday they decided to perform an emergency c-section to give the baby the best chance possible at life.

A new picture from this morning! The baby has a full name now, her name is Life Lynn Deklyen. Lynn after Carrie. She…

Posted by Cure 4 Carrie on Thursday, 7 September 2017

A new Life is born

Weighing a mere 1 pound, 4 ounces; Life Lynn DeKlyen was born on Wednesday 6th September and although extremely premature, thankfully so far she is doing great and is expected to continue to thrive. The newest member of her family, Life now joins her five other siblings aged between 2 and 18 – the youngest children sadly not quite understanding the extent of their mother’s illness.

“The older ones obviously understand everything so it is very hard on them,” said Nick to ABC News. “They love their mother and know what they are losing. We talk about the good times and laugh and then sometimes we just cry because we just hurt so much. The younger two do not really understand what is happening.”

Tragically now that Carrie has given birth she has also been taken off life support. Family and friends are all hoping for a miracle recovery that will enable her to meet her amazing new baby girl, whose life she was able to save in the ultimate act of motherly love.

All our hopes and prayers are with the Deklyen family at this difficult time. To donate please head to the Cure4Carrie Go Fund Me page.

*Image credits: Cure4Carrie



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