‘We wish that you are safe’ – William Tyrrell’s parents release heartbreaking Christmas poem for their missing boy

As we hurriedly finish off last-minute Christmas shopping, bake sweet treats and watch our children’s excitement grow, there is an Australian family whose hearts are heavy. The parents of missing boy William Tyrrell have told of their pain, as they go through the motions, forever waiting for their boy. It will be the second Christmas they endure without their Spider-Man-loving son, who went missing when he was just three. They’ve released a poem for their ‘beautiful little boy’, and we can all take something from their poignant words this Christmas.

It’s been 15 months since William Tyrrell went missing from his grandmother’s home in Kendall, New South Wales, and police believe he could still be alive. His parents have lived in a sort of suspended animation ever since September 12, 2014. As Christmas approaches, William’s mum and dad have released a poem to their boy, saying, “We wish that you are safe. That you are happy, that you are being loved. But most of all, we wish that you were here with us.”

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Echoed throughout the poem are the same things we all wish for our children. And there are also reminders of the things that we may take for granted about our babies – the way they smell, how they laugh, how sweet their kisses are.

These are things that Williams family misses more than anything.

william tyrrell

William’s father says: “This has torn away the fabric and foundation of life as we know it – shattered our entire family to the core. The words broken hearted come to mind, but in fact this is not even close to the way our family feels on so many levels. What has happened to William is wrong, so very wrong.”

The family continues to hold out hope for their little boy, and through Where’s William, implore Australians to help find their son.

The release of the poem is part of the family’s ongoing endeavour to keep William’s disappearance at the forefront of people’s thoughts. Because they are convinced that somebody saw something.

Our Christmas Wish for William – From Mum & Dad

It’s Christmas time. It’s a time when stockings are hung by shimmering trees and happy little ones make their wishes.
It’s a time when mummy’s and daddy’s tuck children into bed with love and kisses only to be awakened by squeals of excitement because Santa has visited.
Christmas is a time for happiness.
It’s a time when families come together and hold each other tight, but not our family and not this Christmas night while our beautiful little boy William is still missing, absent from our sight.
We love you, our darling boy.
You are never far from our thoughts.
We remember everything about you.
Your amazing laugh,
Your kindness and the love you share with your sister,
Your complete adoration of your Daddy,
Your funny faces for Mummy,
Your kisses,
Your hugs and your tears…
We remember your first words, your first steps, your first fears.
We miss everything about you our beautiful little boy.
We miss your laughter,
Your smell.
Your giggles,
Your singing, and your little cry.
We miss you running through the house.
We miss you playing with your sister and your friends.
We miss you running up to Daddy when he comes home from work.
We miss you jumping into our bed when you’d wake us up for cuddles and kisses.
We miss you cuddling Little Tara and Monkey and playing with Fireman Sam,
You racing Daddy on your bike and the big smile on your face when you’d look up at us while we held your little hand.
We miss you every single minute of every single day, our special little man.
It’s Christmas time again, our second Christmas without you. But wherever you may be;
We wish that you are safe,
That you are happy,
That you are being loved,
But most of all, we wish that you were here with us…
We will love you forever and keep hope in our hearts that soon someone will come forward, that someone will say something so you will find your way home to us…
All our love and hugs,
Daddy, Mummy, your sister, Jetty Spaghetti and Chrissy and all your loving family.

For more information, head to Where’s William.

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