Wife leaves husband detailed list on caring for baby; husband edits thoroughly

Any new mum knows the anxiety that comes with leaving her baby overnight, especially for the first time. When a new mum from America had to go out of town for two days, leaving her husband in charge of their three-month-old son, she left hubby a detailed list of what to do. And, as any typical bloke would do, her husband adapted it.

We like his changes so much better.

Parenting is all about compromise. So what do you do when your wife leaves you detailed instructions on how to take care of your son?

You edit it.


The Reddit user crosses out, stars and adds his own text to the checklist. “Facetime with mommy” is changed into, “Teach him how to play Nintendo,” while, “Take play mat over to grandparent’s house for play time,” becomes, “Take XBox One over to grandparents for video game time.”

In addition to giving the note his own touches, he also adds a few additional things to do to the checklist including, “Play Fallout 4,” and, “Watch Dragon Ball Z,” as well as a few important questions such as, “When do I eat?”

The hilarious hubby also manages to point out a few grammatical errors along the way: “Why it this not lower case?” he writes after his wife capitalises “Diaper”.

Sure, parenting may be all about compromise, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a sense of humour along the way.

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