What a whopper! New Zealand mum births baby weighing 7.4kg

baby and parents in bed

An amazing New Zealand mum carried this beautiful-and-giant baby around inside her for many, many months and, on Monday, all 7+ kg of him popped out!

Make it a double

The robust baby officially weighed in at 16 pounds 4 ounces – or 7.39 kg – making him double the average birth weight of a newborn bub. He’s a leggy fellow too, measuring 57cm head to toe.

Born in Wellington Hospital on 8 May, this young man’s parents are choosing to remain anonymous, but did have a couple of things to say to website Stuff.co.NZ about their new arrival. (You can see a pic of the baby over there, too!) They are obviously quite delirious with excitement, because their comments are a tiny bit scattered..!

“People are calling him the next Jonah Lomu, but we think he’ll be a concert pianist,” the big baby’s father said. “He has a good set of lungs.”  *nods* Okay. 

“Just a big baby”

Interestingly the mum and dad in question are apparently quite average in size. They noted the following about their hefty infant’s proportions:

“We are not that tall ourselves, so we are not sure where his size has come from – at the moment we are thinking he’s probably just a big baby.”

Quite right, quite right. Much big. Very baby.

Slow progress

Doctors spent (what must have been an excruciating) three hours trying to administer an epidural before this bub was eventually born by c-section on Monday. Oh my god. Poor mum.

This is the second baby for the couple, their first son also being quite the chunkster at 11.8 pounds – or 5.4 kg.

Doctors had predicted baby number two would weigh in somewhere around the 14 pound mark, so this little guy easily exceeded those already generous expectations and has proven himself quite the adorable over-achiever. Stuff.co.NZ are saying this baby might just be New Zealand’s largest yet!

Size large, please

Back on Australian shores, you may remember, we had our own “big baby” arrival earlier in the year.

Brian Liddle Junior was born at Melbourne’s Mercy Hospital for Women in January.  He weighed 6.06 kilograms (that’s 13 pounds 2 ounces) with mum Natashia revealing she’d prophetically dreamt of “a little fat baby” prior to her son’s arrival.

Amazingly, Brian Liddle Jnr was born via vaginal birth, with just some gas to ease him out.


We bow down to the mums who carried and delivered these babies. Just wow. We don’t know how they did it, to be honest!


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