Whole Lotta Bub: “I make ‘em big” says dad of chunky 6.3kg newborn baby

Baby on vintage scales

In today’s episode of The Ouch Files, a 6.3 kilogram baby called Colin, has made his way into the world and the tyke’s dad is puffing his chest up with pride.

Whole lotta bub

Of course, it was the baby’s mum and attending medical staff that did all the hard work – an unexpected slog, from all accounts!

Cindy Richmond, of South Carolina in the US, had previously given birth to fairly regular sized babies – son Carson, was 3.4kg, and daughter Samantha a slightly more generous 4.4kg. With that in mind, Cindy says her latest extra-chunky newborn, born via c-section, took everyone by surprise!

“We were in the surgery room and everyone was getting their phones out to Google who is the biggest baby. I couldn’t believe it,” Cindy told ABC News, describing the post-birth scene.

Cindy revealed she’d been told to expect quite the bouncing baby, but “little” Colin exceeded all expectations.

“When I went to the doctor three weeks ago he was about 10 to 11 pounds and I’m like, ‘Oh, OK.’ So he gained about a pound a week so this makes so much sense now why I was so uncomfortable. But I wasn’t thinking it would be 14 pounds!”

Believe it or not!

Colin’s dad, Arthur Keisler, says his son’s delivery was quite the spectacle.

“The room completely changed as soon as they got him out. The doctor said, ‘Whoa, this is a big baby.’” he told ABC News proudly. Attending hospital staff could barely believe their eyes!

“You could hear the other nurses in the room trying to guess how big he was. They said, ‘We need to weigh him right now.’ They pulled the scale into the operating room and the room erupted into like, ‘Oh, my God, this is the craziest thing ever.’”

The family had to send an SOS out to Colin’s grandparents for bigger baby clothes, because the newborn onesies they’d stowed in their hospital bag were just not going to cut it, size-wise!

Not diabetes-related

Despite speculation, dad Arthur says that both mum and baby are super healthy and gestational diabetes was not the reason for Colin’s generous figure.

“The big thing they were curious about is diabetes during pregnancy,” he explained.

“It can lead to a baby being large like Colin, but my wife had been tested throughout the pregnancy and she did not have diabetes. Once he was born they were concerned about blood sugar but they tested him three times that day and he is perfectly fine. He’s just naturally big!”

The proud dad is now pondering a baseball or football career for his big, baby boy – but admits he’s flexible as long as Colin’s “the best” (!)

“But, in all honestly, whatever he does in life is fine as long as he’s the best at it.”

We wonder if he might have meant “does his best”? – and congratulate this family on their new addition!

Welcome baby Colin!


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