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I love collecting pretty things. And though I’m loathe to admit it, most of my favourites are pretty damn useless at doing anything other than looking, well, pretty. I’ve also got a great collection of practical bits and pieces, but they’re not really the sort of thing you’d put out on display. Unless an olive pitter that doubles as a strawberry huller is your idea of a conversation piece.

That’s why I’m doing cartwheels at discovering something that’s both pretty and practical. Of course, I’m talking about these calendars from Etsy seller StorybyMia.

The 2009 Animal Calendar with its silhouette-style animals ticks both my boxes. The simple designs and bright colours create a rare combination of sweet and stylish that’s just perfect for adorning a child’s room, or for anywhere else in the house that’s become a communal play area. I love that you can whack the twelve card set on your wall and admire your decorating prowess while still knowing exactly what day or month it is.

Each calendar set costs US$22 plus an extra US$5 for postage to Australia. It comes bound in a satin ribbon so it’s perfect for gift giving.


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