When utility meets beauty – Hook Nook & Felt Pods

After more than five years of writing about baby and children’s gear here on Babyology, I must say that it gives me a thrill when I find something that’s not created specifically with children in mind, yet is easily applied to their interests and needs… while of course appealing to my aesthetic senses.

Meet Hook Nook and Felt Pods – Hook Nooks are just that; they can be used as wall hooks or little storage nooks, or both, simultaneously. We think they apply rather marvellously to children’s rooms with their smooth, rounded lines, funky colours and versatility. Whilst not being visually or spatially demanding as a rack can be, they are mere pods upon the wall, looking decorative while serving a purpose. Hook Nooks are only $12 each and come in five colours – go crazy!

My kids are nuts for nature. They bring home every rock, misshapen stick, pretty leaf and flower known to mankind. We recently invested in a Venus Flytrap called Fang and a Jade plant, so the boys could each have a slice of nature in their bedrooms. How much nicer they would look in these divine Felt Pods. Lined with plastic to keep moisture in, plant a wee succulent inside for some hardy indoor greenery and give your child the task of looking after it.

Super-dinky and super-useful, Felt Pods are $14 each and available in three cute colours, from Flip & Tumble. You’ll need to seek a re-shipper as Flip & Tumble don’t ship to Australia.

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