‘What’s on your mind?’ – this drawing delves deep into the mind of a mum with amusing accuracy

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this image certainly tells a familiar tale.

Multi-tasking mums everywhere will relate to this incredibly accurate sketch drawn by a mum after her husband asked her to draw a picture of what was on her mind.

It’s safe to say that most parents have a lot on their plates. And, on their minds. Reddit user bpwwhirl recently uploaded a photo of what his wife produced when asked to draw what was on her mind.


The drawing is a vortex of concerns, thoughts, questions and ramblings about pretty much everything (as well as some rather interesting illustrations to go along with it).

So what were some of the thoughts swirling through her head?

She tackles the internal check-list we all know – laundry, dinner, dishes, paying bills – and the common questions we all ask ourselves each and every day such as, “Where is that thing I lost two years ago?”.

Some other topics include the always-important dirt under her refrigerator, the student debt she still owes, the pure evil and awesomeness of her children, as well as the Doctor Who theme song.

From, “I want a milkshake,” to “Did that parent look at me funny?” this mum absolutely nails it.

The image has been viewed more than 2 million times and shared all over the world. What would a picture of the inner workings of your mind show?

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