What mornings look like for working mums

 You arrive at work with a smile on your face and a take-away coffee in hand, ready to start the working day. But when you have a baby at home, what exactly goes on in the lead-up to arriving on the job? Working mums everywhere will be able to relate to this clever video that showcases a working mum’s morning struggles.

When video blogger, Sarah Penna documented her morning routine she did so as a way to showcase the reality behind getting ready for work and being a mum.

Sarah, who is mum to almost-one-year-old Jonah, starts her day off with a gentle alarm (Jonah crying) before going about her morning routine. She recommends saving time by doing hair and makeup at the 3am feed and opting for leftover baby yoghurt as a healthy breakfast!

Coffee doesn’t happen. But baby goo on her jacket does. And missing keys, naturally.

Like all working mums, Sarah goes through the mummy guilts  and even references, “that one study that once said working mums are doing the right thing and setting a good example,” to help her drive away from her screaming baby.

working mums 2

While this video is designed for working mums, I am sure all mums, regardless of whether they are rushing out the door to make school drop off on time or rushing out to a meeting, can relate to the morning chaos that comes with parenting.

As Jonah is still quite young, some of the morning struggles many mums with older children face are yet to be documented, such as the daily breakfast battle, the argument over what to wear, the “but my socks don’t feel right” complaints, and, of course, the “let me smell your breath” test.

Get ready Sarah! We can’t wait for part two.

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