What is the most embarrassing thing your kid has blurted out in public?

Cheeky toddler girl

We all have them – those small humiliating stories of THAT moment when our kid said just about the most awkward thing there is to say in public. Usually at top volume and with perfect diction.

So we asked our readers the question, “What is the most embarrassing thing your kid has blurted out in public?” – and boy, did you let us know! 

Cue laughter (and a whole lot of cringing) now …

Same, same but different

Standing in line behind a guy with an eye patch with my then three year old. She’s looking at him curiously and starts to smile as I give her the wide eyed “no” look and shake my head. 

ARRRR! She yells at the top of her voice. – Melanie Tennyson

A Indian was walking past and he had a turban on his head , master 3 yells out at the top of his lungs, “Look mummy, a Genie.” He starts jumping up and down excitedly saying “Can I make a wish?” Over and over 😝 I was just a tad embarrassed – Tammy Hanson

A lady in a full Burqua – full head covering except the eyes walked passed us in the shops and Master 4 with his most excited look on his face turns to me and yells out, “Mummy, mummy look! There’s a ninja!!” This Mumma bear… Mortified! – Rebecca Lloyd

Mr 4 saw a burns victim in the register line at Aldi and started crying “Mum!!!! A zombie!!!” I win. It was the lowest point of my parenting career. – Lopitta Kattan Fares

All of the judgement

Today at the supermarket a lady picks up a couple of chocolate bars and my two year old very sternly shout’s at her “No! Put that back now!” 😶 
I know I only have myself to blame 🤷🏽‍♀️ – Hine Broughton

We were out having a picnic by the river and my 3yo daughter wouldn’t finish her lunch. I explained to her that there are people in the world who don’t get the opportunity to have meals. And without skipping a beat, she points at a large gentleman about 4m away and says loudly “Is that because that man ate all their food???” Nowhere to hide!!! – Emma Betterridge

While on a plane my newly 4yr old is tapping the window, I say “Don’t do that, if it breaks everyone will get sucked out of the plane!” She replies “No they won’t! They’re all too fat!”. The people in front and behind us just started laughing. – Tahnay Viles

Cheeky toddler boy

The art of over-sharing

How about saying nice and loud, “Yuck mum are you doing a poo? That stinks” in the public toilets when they are in the cubicle with you. Just so everyone in there also is aware. – Brydie Weston

In the cinema bathroom and it’s rush hour just as the movie ended and my kid started shouting all these questions about hair.  Yep. You know it. – Lan Caldera 

Went to the restroom with my 2.5 year old. After I was done she asked – very loudly – “Mummy, do you want me to wipe you?” – Laura Kongvongsa-Patel 

In the public toilets at the shopping centre my 3yr old son blurts out as loud as can be “Mum!! You have a front bum????” I could hear the stifled snickers and wanted to stay in there forever lol – Kim Lasogga

Up close and personal

Sitting in the doctors wait room, Mr 3 asks me about the man sitting next to us “mum, when’s that man’s baby coming out?” – Erin Peckham

Today at the supermarket, my 4 year old, while staring straight at the person she was referring to “Mum, is that a man or a lady?” – Kristie Day 

We were in a lift and master 3 blurts out that man over there stinks. I nearly died, I think I pushed every button in lift to get out. – Chantal Buys

Check out the whole Facebook post if you want to read all the hilarious comments.



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