What is a fair rate to pay the babysitter?

bored babysitter

bored babysitter

You need a babysitter or nanny and it goes without saying that you want the absolute best. So how much money are we realistically talking about to employ a great carer for your precious ones? No one wants to be ripped off. But then again, this person will be responsible for the wellbeing of your kids so cutting corners doesn’t sound wise either.

Generally speaking, the benchmark for a babysitter’s expectations begin at around $18-20 per hour but can go up to $30. Based on a Meet A Sitter survey, over forty per cent of parents expect to pay $18-20 an hour for a babysitter and nearly 60 per cent of sitters agree. Interestingly, though one in two parents want to pay $10-17 an hour, only eight per cent of candidates would be willing accept that rate.

For nannies on the other hand, most parents and the nannies themselves would settle at the magic $18-20 mark. That said, nearly half would prefer to charge $21-25 an hour though only a quarter of parents would happily pay that rate.

Clearly there is a gap between expectations in the $21-25 pay range. When “Pay Rate” ranks as the fourth most important factor for candidates when considering a job, getting the money right can make or break the deal.

Here’s the things you should consider when deciding how much to pay:

  • Experience
  • Time of day you require help
  • Number of children (generally more than three raise the rate)
  • Additional household responsibilities
  • Errands
  • Driving the children in their own cars – petrol, wear and tear
  • The minimum hours required – a good standard is four hours for a nanny and two or three hours for a babysitter
  • Geography – A more affluent suburb can raise the bar for everyone in that area. There are suburbs where nannies are used to getting between $26-30 an hour, a mobile phone and superannuation. We hope you find a loophole in your area!

Choosing a person to care for your children in your absence is perhaps one of the most daunting and consequential decisions a parent can make. But with this information, you’re certainly starting on the right foot!

As with any new professional relationship – communication is key, so keep your mind and your dialogue open throughout the process. Getting the foundations right ensures your best chance at a great relationship.

Have you hired a nanny? How did you approach salary negotiations? It’s amazing how we can help each other by sharing our experiences.

Mei Ching Koon – Founder, Meet A Sitter.

More tips and advice on hiring and managing the tricky relationship with your babysitter and nanny can be found here.

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