What if toddlers texted? We found the answers (and they are spot-on)

Ever wondered what toddlers would say if they could read, write or text? A dad of three has answered this question for us all. And he nails it. Come and check out what would happen if toddlers could text.

The inspiration behind Instagram account If Toddlers Texted comes from the account owner’s three-year-old. It started as a Tumblr and has grown to more than 100,000 followers in less than two weeks,

The texts depict common situations and possible conversations with a toddler and his mum, his dad, his grandma, his friends,Tommy and Ben, his favourite television character, his cat and even Santa.

Make sure you follow the account as the hilarious dad, who wants to remain anonymous, adds more toddler-texting gems as they come to him.

The after-nap, come-and-get-me-out-of-my-cot text

toddler text mum

The Mum-and-Dad-are-trying-to-have-fun-without-me text

toddler text daddy

The Facebook-doesn’t-lie text


toddler text best friend2The cryptic-I-don’t-want-to-know text

toddler text mom2

The don’t-forget-the-gifts-when-you-come-’round text

toddler text nana


The I’m-the-alpha-don’t-you-forget-it text

toddler text cat

The mystery-solved text

toddler tommy

The it’s-time-for-Caillou text (If your kids haven’t watched Caillou before, count your lucky stars)

toddler text 5am

The just-checking text

toddler text santa

The winner-winner-chicken-dinner-dilemma text

toddler text cailou

The bet-you-are-second-guessing-that-having-‘another-one-idea’ text

toddler text cover

The 4am-grammar-lesson text

toddler text mom1

The can-you-keep-a-secret text

toddler text real cover

Instagram is filled with parenting gems. Check out our other two favourite places for a good laugh after a long day – #MyKidCantEatThis and #AverageParentingProblems.

What would we do without social media to keep us entertained?

(via Instagram)

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