What if toddlers had Facebook?

Just what would toddlers write on Facebook if they had accounts and could master the fine art of typing? We are glad you asked….

From the creator of If Toddlers Texted, comes another batch of hilarious what-ifs starring every parent’s favourite comedians – toddlers!

If Toddlers Had Facebook started as a Tumblr account by the same anonymous father-of-three who is also behind the scenes of the equally-as-awesome If Toddlers Texted.

His inspiration? A mixture of the typical Facebook news feed and his own toddler’s antics.

The result? A collection of satiric imagined status updates that blend two worlds most mums know all too well – the relentless reality of Facebook and the chaotic life with a fussy toddler.

Prepare to laugh and Like these hilarious and easily recognisable Facebook status updates (but with one major twist).

The “I hear ya” update
toddler facebook 2The advice-wanted posttoddler facebook 3

The #blessed statustoddler facebook 4

The rhetorical questiontoddlers facebook 5

The “I’m having a bad day” song lyrics
toddlers facebook 7

The celebrity commentator toddler facebook 7

The infamous vague book update

It’s amazing what a little bit of Photoshop and a lot of toddler sass can do. And, if you haven’t already, make sure you check out what would happen if toddlers texted (pure hilariousness, that’s what).

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