What goes round stays round


With Charley being a 29-weeker, and spending a lot of time in a humidy crib when she really should have been inside me, flat head sydrome was something that plagued me during her newborn days. But it’s not just premmies – sleeping babies on their backs to avoid SIDS has new mums everywhere worried about their babes developing a flat spot on their little head.

So I would have loved to know about the Baby Moov Lovenest head support, which takes the pressure of that single spot when baby is flat on it’s back. Developed by a paediatrician, the Lovenest allows the baby’s head to lie naturally in the centre, gently directing the babies head off the one spot, but still allowing movement of the head. Made out of a lightweight foam, it is very different from a pillow, and will not actually lift the baby’s head.

Check with your pediatrician before using the Lovenest for your child. The Lovenest is reccomended for use from birth to four months, and is available for $49.95 from Rose and Lily.


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