What do children actually want for Christmas? The answer may surprise you

What do your children want for Christmas? Something soft and furry? Something to help them explore their world? Something that requires a controller? A doll that will attend their tea parties? Ikea asked Australian kids this question and they all came up with the same answer. Can you guess what it is?

We recently showed you a poignant video showing what kids really want for Christmas, brought to you by IKEA Spain. Now it’s time for our own Aussie kids to have their say. And you will probably need a box of tissues for this one too.

Ikea Australia’s new video, “The Best Toy Ever” is not what you would expect. As it turns out, the best toy doesn’t come in a plastic box or require batteries. It doesn’t even come from Ikea. As it turns out, the best toy is you.

This beautiful video will resonate with any busy parent and the way the children’s eyes light up when they hear mum and dad will melt your heart.

The video is part of the Ikea $0 Gift Guide campaign which encourages families to think outside the toy box this year with Christmas gifts that include a simple cardboard box, time spent together and a trip to the beach. 

After all, a toy is always enjoyed so much more when mum or dad is there playing with it too. And, lucky for us parents, some of the toys on the market these days are especially fun!

What have your kids asked for this Christmas? Check out the Ikea Spain video that inspired this one. And make sure you have extra tissues on hand.

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