We’re nuts about Nutella – a rather delicious Nutella roundup

Nutella. It’s been around for decades, but the past year has seen an explosion in popularity for this chocolatey hazelnut spread. From the corner bakery to your favourite local cafe, if there isn’t at least one Nutella item on the menu, there’s something not quite right going on. Now one Sydney cafe has gone next-level with their ode to Nutella. Come take a look and see what other deliciously sweet delights we’ve unearthed in our Nutella roundup. Hope you’re hungry!


Spreading their love for Nutella real thick is Tella Balls Dessert Bar in Sydney, home to all things Nutella. They’ve just launched the Tellabab (pictured top) – a doughnut pita bread filled with chocolate swirls, strawberries and banana, then topped with whipped cream and countless lashings of Nutella, let’s just call it the mother of sweet kebabs. And we can’t not mention their impressive Club Pancakes. Be sure to wear something with lots of stretch here, folks.


Melburnians are treated to Nutella flavoured gelato with many an inspired flavour created at Miinot Gelato. Swirls of chocolate hazelnut in creamy icy goodness, there’s a good reason the queues here are most always out the door. I know our editor Nikki drops in here regularly with her crew and I think it’s a reasonable request she try this and report back to the masses.


Whose milkshakes were bringing all the Nutella fans to the yard? Canberra’s Pâtissez that’s who. The cafe started the whole FreakShake phenomenon and its signature Nutella FreakShake is still on the menu. If ever you needed another reason to visit the country’s capital, this could well be it.

nutella pizza

Oh yes, that indeed is a Nutella pizza. It’s one of the must-have offerings from Melbourne food truck Happy Camper Pizza. People queue for forever to wrap their lips around one of these M&M encrusted babies – or you can take yours to go with banana instead. Mmm-mmm.


Adelaide is in on the Nutella act too. St Louis served a delicious sweet brioche but with ice cream and dripping in Nutella sauce for a limited time. And let’s not forget Adelaide hosted the very first Nutella Palooza this year!


Even humble marshmallows get a Nutella makeover. The Innocent Kitchen in Sydney’s inner West whipped up these yummy bad boys for their customers – the perfectly sweet sugary hit to accompany your mid-morning cuppa.


Is this the biggest Nutella cookie in the world? You better believe it. Butterbing (that’s a name, not a sound effect) make these giant cookies sandwiched with the good stuff. If a 1.5 kilo Nutella cookie sounds too much – or you baulk at the $50 price tag – you can also order a box of four for $18. If you live in Sydney or Melbourne, you’re in luck. A bike courier will even pedal them straight to your door.


Not to be outdone, I’ve even given Nutella glazed mini doughnuts a crack in my own kitchen – and you can too with this Let’s Cook recipe.


And finally, nothing beats simplicity. A jar of Nutella and a spoon is all that’s required for an instant sweet hit of nutty chocolate euphoria. At Christmastime last year Myer delighted Nutella lovers with personalised jars in their Giftorium. Needless to say I was quick to jump onto that, the jar remains the pride and joy of my kitchen, seal not to be tampered with. Right kids?

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