Welcome little dragons, it’s Chinese New Year 2012!

Happy Chinese New Year! If your baby is born after today, then he or she will be born in the highly coveted Chinese Year of the Dragon. Come read about what’s in store for your little one-to-be.

It is expected there will be a baby boom in China this year as parents try for a little Dragon baby. Jill Lander of Golden Elements, a Hong Kong-based Feng Shui expert, recently wrote a fantastic piece for Sassy Mama blog, saying the following about why so many Chinese parents will be aiming for a little dragon baby in 2012:

The Dragon is the most auspicious symbol in Chinese culture and represents the strongest of energy, new beginnings and keeping of life. Dragons are symbols of Imperial might and force and unlike the western concept where Dragons… are considered monsters to be slain by knights… the Chinese believe that those born in a Dragon year will be powerful and all knowing.

In addition to the twelve animal signs of the Chinese zodiac, each one is accompanied by a particular element (Earth, Metal, Fire, Water, Wood), making the babies of 2012 Water Dragons (affectionately known as Rain Dragon babies). Jill says that dragon babies are hard-wired to learn, sharp-witted, focussed and with energy to burn. The water element brings a calmness and lucidity to the fiery dragon sign, making them popular leaders amongst their peers and in a professional capacity.

Dragon people have an innate sense of self from a very early age, often meaning their parents have to alter preconceived notions of how to parent them. If you have other children in the family, Jill says your little dragon will gel beautifully with a Rooster sibling (2005), who is the dragon’s ally throughout life. Other allies include the Monkey (2004) and Rat (2008).

Want to know what to give a dragon baby? Any object bearing the symbol of the rooster, plus we’ve unearthed a few cute products especially for little dragons everywhere!

Smiling Planet have created a beautiful range of recycled plastic, BPA-free plates with Chinese dragon motifs – the plates come in blue, pink, red and grey for US$14.95 each and get a co-ordinating Yin Yang bowl for $13.95. Smiling Planet ships internationally.

Zazzle will be delighted if you embrace the spirit of the dragon year by kitting baby out in its range of dragon-themed attire. Go for the more subtle (for English-speakers) Chinese word version or state the obvious in the dragon onesie seen at the top.

Hocusadabra stock these Chinese blocks for babies and toddlers that make an apt gift for a dragon baby. Get them used to the Chinese characters early in life for $62 plus shipping.

Get a dragon-themed book and your children can learn about Chinese characters with Christoph Niemann’s The Pet Dragon – $14.39 from The Book Depository.

There’s a choice of three Water Dragon baby blankets over at Cafe Press for $34.50 each. We love them!

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