We’d like to thank Kate Ritchie for her adorably soggy singing daughter

Kate Ritchie and daughter Mae

In a stroke of luck, Kate Ritchie has shared an extremely cute clip of her daughter Mae’s bath-time performance – and we’ve instantly learned a lot about sticking together. Bonus!

“We stick together!”

We’re big fans of Kate Ritchie at Babyology HQ, so this delightful video of Mae’s performance was the cheerful gift we didn’t know we needed. Thank you, Kate.

It’s good to note that there is no need to freak out about the bathroom reference, outrage fans! Young Mae’s pioneering a new Instagram trend, wearing her swimsuit in the bath. Everything’s okay. Stand down.

Mae’s clearly very much enjoying that special muffled feeling you get when you sing with your ears under water. You know the one. Don’t be shy. We know you’ve done it, although perhaps you didn’t think to wear your swimsuit at the time. Learn from Mae.

When we’re together

It’s quite possible that Mae’s soggy serenade was inspired by the Frozen characters she’s obviously quite taken with. The song When We’re Together popped up in Olaf’s Frozen Adventure and it sounds a little like Mae’s heartfelt We Stick Together refrain. (Mae actually mentions Elsa and Anna, so our deduction is most definitely not a stretch.)

Kate, who’s sharing much more of life with Mae on social media these days, also posted a sweet photo of her preschool drop off on Monday, noting that she cried on behalf of her daughter at this relatable back-to-real-life-after-holidays event.

“There are two little girls in this photograph and one was more brave than the other today,” Kate wrote adding the hashtags “#itsokaymummy #youcango #iwontcry#somummydidinstead

“No point getting bogged down”

Kate recently shot down rumours that alleged her marriage to rugby league star, Stuart Webb was a bit wobbly.

“The only positive in having the magazines write about my love life is that I know the Hewitts are getting a week off,” she said, explaining she jokes with her pal, Bec Hewitt about their tabloid treatment.

“It doesn’t hurt my feelings, not anymore. I think in the old days it did. There’s no point in getting bogged down about what other people think is happening in my life.”

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