Weak pelvic floor? This high-tech kGoal Kegel Trainer may help


The impact pregnancy and childbirth can have on a woman’s pelvic floor can be devastating and embarrassing. This revolutionary Kickstarter project combines a device and an app, to give women the ability to track their pelvic floor health from the palm of their hands.

No one really thinks about their pelvic floor muscles – until they aren’t working properly. The issues can be many and varied, and for otherwise healthy women to battle leakage when coughing or sneezing, it can be confidence destroying. So making sure that pelvic floor muscles are healthy before pregnancy is really important.


So what is kGoal? Basically it’s a tool to evaluate pelvic floor muscle strength, and a Kegel trainer. It works as an exercise tool and also monitors performance. And it does this through a device (which is inserted into the vagina) and app. It can measure the force exerted by squeezing pelvic floor muscles and that data is then sent back to a phone or the device itself.

The system can also help guide your workout, because manufacturers Minna Life have worked with physical therapists and doctors to develop algorithms that can suggest exercise plans, which are based on the capabilities of the person using the device.


The kGoal can keep track of a whole range of information like muscle strength, endurance and the exercises completed.


The device is described as being a squeezable pillow, with a vent to adjust air pressure, so it can be tailored to fit individual bodies.


The kGoal is very close to reaching its Kickstarter funding goal, with manufacturing set to begin in August, and first units to be shipped in December. The retail price is expected to be US$175.

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