We say Kalimba, you’ll say the best soft toys ever!

apple cushion

apple cushion

Here’s my checklist when it comes to soft toys for babies and kids. They’ve got to be cute, they’ve got to be cuddly and they most definitely have got to be colourful. Does Kalimba fit the bill? You bet!

This week we told you about the divine Red Riding Hood doll set from this Polish delight of a brand. Truth be told, I liked the doll when I read Lexi’s post. I liked it a lot. Then I happened to see the doll in person at my favourite toy shop on the planet – the very whimsical Tree Top Toy Shop in my home suburb of Brunswick. I touched it, I held it close and suddenly I liked it a whole lot more. And before I knew it, I was falling in love with the rest of the Kalimba family.

little red riding hood doll bajo

nurse doll

As hard as we try here at Babyology, no words or pictures can really convey just how soft these made-in-Warsaw toys are, how perfectly sized for cuddling or how vibrant the colours. You’ll just need to get one (or two or three or four) for yourself. Then you’ll see what it means when we say they’re made from pure cotton with the loftiest, squishiest stuffing any child has ever had the good fortune to hug.

lovely monster

From cats, nurses and acrobats to robots, zebras, pigs, mice, snakes, and superb little hand puppets, there’s a Kalimba for every kid. The mummy dogs (they have a small puppy hiding inside), the zebra and the lovely monsters (that’s them up there in bold orange, green or pink) particularly are surprisingly large when you have one in your hands. Those generous dimensions make them equally perfect for cuddling or for resting weary little heads on, pillow style. And I’m sure there’s a certain apple-obsessed writer here (hello, Suzie!), who’ll be putting in an order for this particular lovely down below!

apple cushion

You can find a wide range of quirky Kalimba softies at Treetop Toy Shop, where prices start from $14.95 plus delivery.

stuffed toy soft stripey snake

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