We reveal Sudocrem’s superpowers – and give you a chance to try it free!

This unassuming Australian nursery staple packs quite the punch. You might even say it has superpowers. Yes, Sudocrem is great for helping heal nappy rash, but it’s also a handy little cure-all that can help soothe a whole range of family ailments, from eczema to minor burns and insect bites. We’re about to reveal a whole range of things Sudocrem can help treat – and how to get your hands on a free tube, so you can try it yourself.

For the past 80 years, Sudocrem has been helping keep babies’ bottoms nappy rash-free. That’s worth applauding in itself. But since launching in Australia 15 years ago, it’s also become famed for helping ease many other skin disorders. In fact, it’s become the market leader in treating:

  • eczema
  • minor wounds
  • abrasions
  • incontinence
  • dermatitis
  • insect bites
  • minor burns, including sunburn
  • chafing
  • pressure sores.

Incredible stuff! With that sort of prowess, it’s no wonder that Sudocrem should not only be a nursery staple, but a bathroom cupboard staple. It’s great to have one go-to product for so many of the skin conditions that seem to crop up in families.


Here’s a couple of handy bits of information about Sudocrem you may not know, but you’ll thank us for telling you. Firstly, that iconic grey tub of Sudocrem you have in the nursery top drawer – did you know that it’s been specifically developed with safety in mind? It can be easily opened and accessed with one hand: that’s so you can keep one hand on a wriggly baby, and also because as parents, one hand is usually all we have free.

Here’s another handy hint – you can buy Sudocrem in a 30g tube. I know – genius! This is the perfect portable size – just pop it in your bag and you’re set for any on-the-road skin soothing emergencies. Just make sure you look for this in the first aid aisle of your supermarket, unlike the Sudocrem tub, which you’ll find in the baby aisle.


Here’s your chance to try one of these ultra handy 30g tubes, and put it through its paces. The first 30 people to register below and join our trial will receive a 30g tube of Sudocrem for free. We’d love you to try it on the whole family – for insect bites, pimples, rough skin, cuts and whatever else may pop up. If you’re one of our first 30 to register, we’ll send you a survey afterwards so we can report back to the Babyology community about what you and our other reviewers thought. Don’t miss out – sign up below.

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(This is a sponsored post for Sudocrem)

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