We need to talk about Megan Gale’s adorable, roly-poly mermaid baby

Megan Gale

It’s fair to say that Megan Gale and Shaun Hampson’s daughter might be the most adorable, roly-poly baby in the history of adorable, roly-poly babies – and we are 1000 percent here for it!


After a scorching weekend in Melbourne, the model and mum shared a photo of herself and Rosie taking a refreshing dip, much to everyone’s baby-admiring delight!

“Mermaids,” Megan captured the photo, and while Rosie’s face is obscured there’s no hiding the fact that she resembles a real life Kewpie doll. And also a mermaid.

Followers had a lot of things to say about this photo, because let’s face it, babyhood is pretty much the only time it’s semi-okay to comment on a person’s body. (Or maybe it really isn’t … but it’s so hard not to! Let us!!!)

“OMG chubs … So adorable,” one wrote. “Those baby rolls though!” another gushed. “Nothing better than a chubba bubba,” someone else said.

These sentiments were echoed over and over as the relatable water baby photo popped up in Instagram feeds across the country/globe.


This isn’t the only kiddo shot Megan’s shared recently, although she’s attempting to maintain some privacy for her family. A photo she posted of her three-year-old son River was met with similar enthusiasm, as followers remarked how her little boy was “perfect”, “beautiful”, and a delightfully “handsome” combination of his two very attractive parents.

Megan agreed saying, “He melts my heart!” We agree too. We have melted, also. We are puddles, in fact.

In further exciting news, Megan and  her partner, AFL player Shaun Hampson, just birthed a brand new cafe – Ascot Food Store – in the wake of Rosie’s arrival.

The couple have had a bumpy few years, but things appear to be turning a corner. Shaun’s dad, Tom, died in April 2014, River was born a few weeks later in May and Megan’s dad died later that year in October. Megan had a miscarriage between River’s birth and Rosie’s and finally conceived this “little bun” after struggling to get pregnant.

We wish this couple all of the beautiful, heart-melting, roly-poly mermaid days – they truly deserve it.


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