The most creative baby gender reveals you’ll ever see!

Finding out the gender of your baby shouldn’t be a hairy situation at all… unless you’re this couple who picked a whole new way to reveal the sex of their unborn child. Come take a look at the gender reveal that had everyone dyeing to know!

Hairdresser Amber Sacrison was called upon to dye the mum-to-be’s hair a very bright shade according to the sex of her baby – blue for a boy or pink for a girl. The mum and her partner wouldn’t find out what colour had been mixed until the towel came off her head to reveal if they were expecting a son or daughter.

“Is she having a girl? Or is she having a boy?” Amber says.

“This was such a happy moment, I cried. This was so much fun! I can’t wait to do another.”

Watch the video below. Did you guess correctly?

The Facebook post has gone viral, watched by more than eight million people and possibly sparking a new gender reveal trend.

The hair dye moment is the latest in a long line of creative ways people are willing to share the exciting news.

When Heidi Guerard and her husband Shaun learned the sex of their third child, the couple decided to reveal the news to their daughters with gender reveal cupcakes.

Giuliana and her younger sister, Grace were told to break into their treats, revealing a coloured cream. The cream was blue, indicating they were about to welcome a baby brother.

But Grace wasn’t too happy.

“Oh no, I wanted pink!” cries Grace. “I don’t want blue any more.”

Some parents are sending sealed envelopes to cake makers to bake gender reveal cakes filled with coloured lollies in pink or blue or having party pinatas made up that spill only boy or girl-themed treats, pink or blue dummies or coloured confetti when whacked.

gender reveal balloons

Couples are using boxes filled with helium balloons to create a fun way to find out their baby’s sex, some using the prop in photo shoots to mark the occasion.

But until that baby arrives, no-one is 100 per cent sure of your child’s sex and mistakes do happen. Just try telling that to the couple whose gender reveal cake went horribly wrong.

(images via YouTube, Kelly Anderson Photography)

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