Watch this toddler try to convince her dad that Barbie made her do it

Little Sophie is your typical mischievous toddler. I’m sure children have an angel sitting on one shoulder that tells them right from wrong, with a little devil on the other saying “do it!”. For Sophie, that devil is Barbie.

So when Sophie painted her Barbie doll a bright shade of blue with her bottle of Disney nail polish, she had an excuse – Barbie told her to do it. Oh yes, Barbie told her to do it a hundred times.

Despite Sophie disobeying the rule not to use her nail polish indoors, her father captures the hilarity for a YouTube video and his girl seems to get more adamant about the culprit the more she’s filmed.

barbie girl

“You just painted your Barbie with nail polish, right?” Joseph Nagorski asks his daughter.

“Yes, she told me to! A hundred times and I said ‘no’,” Sophie says. “She told me to, I said it was horrible and she didn’t listen to me. She said it a hundred times, all the time.”

When Joseph asks Sophie if Barbie knows she could have ruined the carpet, the bed and blankets, she comes up with a more elaborate tale. Apparently Barbie wasn’t alone in cheering on her young owner to perform the makeover.

“All of them said they want me to paint their nails,” she says through tears. “Next time, I’m going to say ‘no’ and they are going to say ‘yes’, a hundred times. All of them keep saying that. All of them.”

Are you now convinced of Barbie’s bad influence? Watch the video and decide.

Sadly, we never get to see the blue Barbie, but I imagine her to fit right in as a character in the next Avatar movie.


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