Watch this couple hilariously find out they’re going to be grandparents

If you’re looking for a creative way to tell your folks they’re going to be grandparents, who better to take your inspiration from than comedic genius Jimmy Fallon? This daughter and her partner revealing their pregnancy via a Fallon-inspired lip reading game will make you laugh, and then cry. Pretty much all the feels.

Alexa Goolsby thought it would be fun to use The Tonight Show’s hilarious ‘Whisper Challenge’ to tell her parents she’s expecting. The game involves lip reading, so she got her mum and dad to put on headphones and listen to loud music as she and her partner tried to reveal their secret.

“This was my baby announcement to my parents during family game night. Shout out to Jimmy Fallon for the game idea,” she says on YouTube. Take a look at the result:

Grandma-to-be is quick off the mark, but future grandpa begins throwing out random guesses, and hilarity ensues: “Hyper, hyper!”

“You’re going to the beach?”

“You’re going to behave?”

When he does finally hit the nail on the head, he’s obviously overjoyed. We just love seeing people so excited about a new baby coming into the family!

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