Watch these hilarious videos to see what it’s like being the parent of multiples

I remember one of the first things said to me during my first pregnancy scan: “Well, there’s only one in there.” I was taken aback. Whoa. I hadn’t actually considered I might have more than one bub at once. It got me thinking, especially after my daughter was born, just how different life would be with two (or more!) babes in my arms. Curious too? Come take a look.

The first video of a father dressing his twins to get them ready for bed, is more like a slapstick comedy. While quickly trying to dress the first, the second refuses to stay put, constantly moving toward the edge of the bed. It’s a good example of how parents learn – very quickly – to multi-task. Especially with two babies in the picture.

twins vid

The video has been viewed more than five million times and has thousands of comments from parents of twins sharing their tales of life with two babies. “Double the work but double the love” one mother writes, while another says twins are “the best reason ever for investing in a play pen”: “One baby in the pen while the other being attended to.”

Have a look at this dad’s juggling act followed by a clip of a mum with a very similar problem:

But before you feel a little sorry for the parents of twins, take a peek at the YouTube video of a mum with triplets… a toddler! This one has also gone viral, because she does a stellar job of keeping her mini escape artists together, all the while with a smile on her face. Just remember that before bed is also the ‘witching hour’ for kids, so imagine when one or more of them are crying too? We’re getting tired just watching her:

For more multiple mischief, have at look at our post of these tricky twins trying to fool their mum at bedtime. It’s too cute.

Is getting the troupe dressed the hardest? What do you find to be the trickiest part of having multiples? We’d love to know, so drop us a line.

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