WATCH: Kinder kids go hilariously nuts for this rule-breaking book!

The writing of children’s books is often discussed in hushed tones. We’re told solemnly of the difficulty in choosing just the right words, whilst considering space constraints. We’re schooled in the challenge of pairing text and images, the cleverness of junior bookworms and important things like attention span and vocabulary. And then a book comes along and breaks all the rules…

Rules, schmools

Not only does it break all the rules, it breaks a whole room full of kindergarteners up … into stomach-clutching giggles, shrieks of laughter and very exaggerated eye-popping displays of admiration.

US born writer, actor and comedian BJ Novak aka Benjamin Joseph Novak is the genius behind the preschool cult classic The Book With No Pictures.

The rather handsome BJ recently shared a video of himself reading his picture-less book to a very large roomful of New York children and the footage is hilariousthe-book-with-no-pictures


The best medicine

Not only does BJ seem to be having the very best time, reading to his target audience, the kids can not believe their mother-loving ears and eyes as he flips from page to page.

They are equal parts delighted (by the hilarious text) and demanding (more!) as BJ reads.

If you’ve forgotten what a complete breath of fresh air an entertained 4-year-old can be, this video will remind you in the very best kind of way.

It’s a sort of kid-lit anti-depressant, if you will.



Gent of many talents

You may know BJ as the ex-other half to comedian Mindy Kaling, or from The Office or Tarantino flick, Inglorious Bastards.

His talent obviously knows no bounds, with New York Times bestseller The Book With No Pictures celebrating its second anniversary on 1 October.

BJ tells us there are over one million copies in print and it’s been translated into 26 languages.

It seems that hilarity knows no borders and it’s heartening that approaching the usual formula with a fresh flourish can often be the very best approach.

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