Watch: The joyful moment baby Xander hears mum’s voice for the first time

baby hears for first time

There are lots of wonderful firsts to be had in the life of a baby, but this 8-month-old baby boy’s first listen to his mum’s voice might just be our very favourite.

Rough start

Xander is one little guy who got off to a tough start in life, as his Georgia-based mum explains. Despite passing his hearing screen while in the NICU, she quickly realised something was amiss.

”Xander suffered a brain bleed while he was in NICU when he was nine weeks early.”

“When he was discharged after 59 days in the hospital, I noticed he didn’t get startled like other babies,” Xander’s mum says.

Testing push

She lobbied doctors persistently until they took her concerns on board and carried out the necessary testing.

”It took me 3 months of advocating for my son for them to test his hearing. They thought I was just being an over-protective mother,” she remembers. “I was proven right. Never underestimate a mother!”

Life changer

The adorable clip (which was shot earlier this month) shows Xander fitted with a Phonax hearing device and clearly hearing his mum speak for the first time.

The little boy’s expressions run the gamut of emotions: shock, excitement, love, delight! It’s life-affirming, heart-warming stuff but it also confirms the importance of vigilance and early intervention when it comes to hearing loss.

Xander’s mum says that without hearing aids, her little guy’s life would be very different.

”His hearing will not get worse, but he also will never get better without his hearing aids,” she added.

How great that she used her intuition and pushed for the testing that’s made such an epic difference to her son’s life.

If you’re concerned about hearing loss in a baby or child, we suggest getting in touch with The Shepherd Centre. They can provide invaluable support and advice. Early intervention is key.

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