Watch this incredibly powerful moment between newborn and mum

The moment they are born, newborns appear to be the most fragile beings, their tiny limbs flailing and their lungs bellowing the smallest of cries. But this incredible video shows how a newborn’s natural urge to be with its mother, holds more strength than a dozen men. This one’s about to get you right in the feels.

While little appears to be known about the mother and child in this video, what we do know is that a mother’s love speaks a universal language. That a bond created over nine months is one that’s difficult to break. This tiny newborn, only minutes old, and born by caesarean, simply refuses to leave its mother.

While she can’t hold the baby, she speaks gently to her child, and that seems enough to soothe and calm the newborn. And that’s where the now placid baby is keen to remain.

It’s an incredible moment to watch, and one that reminds us just how precious those first few moments of life are. If only we could bottle those newborn snuggles!

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