Incredible! Watch this baby born in his amniotic sac via c-section

baby born in amniotic sac

All births are unique. You only have to have given birth once to know this.

It doesn’t matter whether you gave birth on the living room floor, went the all-natural route, laboured in a hospital, said yes to all the pain relief offered, or had a planned caesarean section – your birth experience becomes part of your child’s own story – the very first chapter, in fact – and that, in its own way, is extraordinary.

And yet, there are some births that simply take your breath away – and those babies born in their amniotic sac, or ‘en caul’ seem gifted with a very special birth story indeed.

This. Is. Birth.

Empowered Birth Project recently shared an incredible video of a baby born via c-section still safely inside its amniotic sac that has got people talking. Beyond sharing those raw and emotionally-charged moments when a family come into being, it also offers us an extraordinary glimpse into that secret underwater world our babies exist in before they suddenly emerge into this world.

The power of the caul

Being born ‘en caul’ is a rare occurrence – figures vary wildly from estimating that 1 in 1000 births to 1 in 80 000 births are ‘en caul’ – and are considered very lucky indeed. Called ‘caulbearers’, myths abound about the special powers of babies born in their amniotic sac, including having the ability to find underground water supplies, knowing when weather patterns will change, and predicting when fish and other food supplies will become plentiful.

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