Watch: Hearts melt across globe as Ellen Pompeo dances with her new baby

Ellen Pompeo and baby

This video of the Grey’s Anatomy star perfectly illustrates the glorious “baby bubble” that some new mums find themselves in after the birth of their child.

On repeat

Pompeo posted the clip to her Instagram after last week’s surprise ‘new baby’ announcement and we’re not ashamed to say we’ve watched it 174 times since.

Not only is it pretty lovely to see just how happy the Grey’s Anatomy star is about the latest addition to her family, most parents recognise these (admittedly sometimes fleeting) special moments at 20 paces and it takes us back to those heart-full-of-baby times.

It’s nice to be reminded of these early days (especially if you’re knee-deep in toddler or teenager now!)

Boy crazy

“Boy Crazy….Here’s to a year filled with happiness and love! Happy New Year,” Ellen posted alongside the Instagram clip.

Ellen and husband Chris Ivery married in 2007, after meeting in a grocery store.

They’re mum and dad to 7-year-old Stella, 2-year-old Sienna and baby Eli Christopher (who seems to be around 4 or 5 months old.)

The circumstances of Eli’s birth are not known, as yet, but the couple have spoken openly about using a surrogate for Sienna’s pregnancy and birth.



Media frenzy

News of the latest addition to the Ivery-Pompeo clan broke after the couple were spotted on a family hike together, with a small baby in tow!

As media posted images of the family and mystery baby, Pompeo uploaded an image of Chris and Eli to her Instagram account and officially announced their little boy’s arrival.

Generally, the pair are raising their kids away from the spotlight, so the occasional glimpses we get into their family life are a privilege.



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