Watch: Chrissy Teigen’s Oscar napping is every tired mum on a night out

chrissy teigen

This is the one where Chrissy went to the Oscars and fell asleep on her husband’s shoulder. Three rows back from Meryl Streep. On camera. Possibly TWICE. Because … parent!


Snooze button

Chrissy Teigen went to the Oscars, looked amazing, tweeted entertainingly and promptly fell asleep amidst all the (gaffe ridden) pageantry. We feel her pain.

Not only must it take 164 hours to prepare for this much-lauded award spectacle, one would expect that Chrissy was probably up multiple times the night before and possibly rose before the birds on Oscar day … because she is a MOTHER to a tiny human!

Chrissy not only snatched a globally-televised disco nap on husband John Legend’s shoulder, she managed to do it without being elbowed in the ribs or hissed awake by a nicer-mannered/less-exhausted do-gooder. #MumLifeGoals


Practice makes perfect

Chrissy had apparently spent the earlier part of the night practising her stealthy snooze moves on the red carpet, preemptively trying out John’s shoulder for comfort and form.

It should come as no surprise that she busted out those very same snuggles – possibly twice – later, during a particularly plodding and awkward acceptance speech (we’re looking at you, Casey Affleck.) We found it hard to listen too.

Some very outraged people were totally angry that Chrissy dozed off amidst proceedings, branding her spoilt, rude and privileged – plus some other things too. We think those people have a) recently had a full night’s sleep, and b) never known the pain of being so tired that even your teeth hurt.

Those people would do well to shoosh up.

Leave Chrissy alone!

Other parents rushed to defend Chrissy on Twitter, knowing just how real the struggle is, too:

“She has a baby at home! Enough said!” One posted.

“Mom life. The struggle is real,” another wrote.

Truer words have never been tweeted. *snore. zzzzz.*


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