Watch what this adorable baby does when dad tries to cut her nails

We’ve all been there. Along comes the time when you have to trim your baby’s fingernails because those miniature talons are scratching their little faces and tearing your skin to shreds with that pincer grasp. Ouchy. You’ve been putting it off because it’s so tricky to do. So tricky. You’re nervous, they’re wriggly. Should you cut? Or bite them off? You anxiously reach for the world’s tiniest nail clippers.

It’s most definitely an acquired skill. You’ll never be able to trim them all in one go. Baby will not sit still, that’s a given. Kiddy clippers or nail scissors look safer, but are close to useless. You give it a whirl. You panic because you think you’ve got some finger in there. Clip! You reposition. Clip! You move to the next finger, face grimaced. Clip!

So the baby girl in this YouTube video is one clever cookie. Sensing her father’s nervousness and reluctance to trim her nails, she finds the opportune moment – when her dad puts the nail scissors to her fingernails – to pretend to cry. She knows what’s what. Her reaction results in fits of giggles from both dad, baby and mum behind the camera. You can’t help but to laugh along with them.


It’s just impossibly cute and goes to show that cutting a baby’s nails is a universal problem all parents face – and all parents dread. Since being uploaded just this month, the laughing dad and daughter pair have had more than six million views. Help add to that tally right here.

My tip? Clip baby nails while they sleep and when they’re older, turn it into a game where you pretend to clip teddy’s nails before cutting your child’s. They’ll be fascinated by what is going on and sit completely still and watch (at least mine does).

If you’re still craving some more daddy and daughter sweetness, have a look at this video of a new father who penned a song for his baby.

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