Watch: 9 amazing months of pregnancy captured in 4 minutes

baby in utero

From conception to birth, this mesmerising animated video captures the amazing journey babies take, all before they’ve even made an appearance in the world!

Baby-growing super-powers

There’s no way you can watch this and not feel a burning desire to tell every pregnant woman you encounter that she’s a person-making goddess.

Additionally, if you’re struggling to explain the facts of life to someone at your house (large or small!) then this clip is the perfect cheat sheet.

The video not only contains most of the relevant birds and bees info, it’s got drama, suspense, wonder and biology too!

Basically it proves that pregnancy is better than a Hollywood blockbuster, and mums don’t even do it for the awards or to preserve their handprints on the Walk of Fame.

They do it all for love.


Everyday miracle

Not only is the baby-growing drama compelling, it’s based on an everyday, real-life miracle.

A whole bunch of wriggly sperm are shown looking for that unsuspecting egg. Sperm and egg meet and, accompanied by a dramatic soundtrack, cells are created. A baby grows and we see the ridiculously awe-inspiring changes it goes through over all those weeks and months in-utero. Organs grow, limbs sprout, thumbs are sucked… We told you it was edge-of-your-seat stuff!

Hidden in plain sight

This pregnancy obviously progresses at breakneck speed, showing us the baby sprouting, wriggling, bumping about and gradually filling up every spare corner of its mother’s belly.

It’s also a great reminder of all the hard work babies and mums are doing, most of which is tucked away from sight.

This amazing job is often underestimated and, at times, under-appreciated. If you see a pregnant lady today, give her a thumbs-up.

As you can see, she’s got a lot going on.


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