Wallblank – affordable art with a conscience


This is a completely simple and utterly adorable concept – one
Wallblank artwork
is posted for sale every day of the week and it’s available for
only one week, or until it’s sold out. It’s never available again for
sale. Ever. No doubt by the time this article goes live, a fresh
new round will be available. My current favourite ‘Metropolis’ may not still be for sale, so please accept my apologies if I’ve
dangled the carrot of pictures you cannot obtain!

The artworks are not aimed specifically at children, but give you a
broad range of subjects – from fabulous artists – with which to
adorn your walls. If children live in a home where art is
diverse, their appreciation will be broadened as they get older. I mix
it up with canvas-mounted Scandinavian fabric, chic ABC posters, prints
from playful artists like Shag (Josh Agle), and of course
originals by my own boys. Since their arrival my art-buying budget has
decreased significantly.

Wallblank embraces the affordable art philosophy that gives art the opportunity to cross cultural and socioeconomic boundaries.
For all Friday sales, 100% of the profits are donated to a
‘non-profit cause’ so you’re also buying products with social

Wallblank operates out of an old brewery in Illinois and prints are
fabulously cheap – today’s is just US$19 with international shipping
of just $8 for up to six prints!

is just what a world in doubt needs right now – accessible, beautiful things to look at! Check out the
blog for a look at past prints and interesting information about artists and the charities they support.


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