VTech’s sweet owl baby monitor pans, tilts, sings and has night vision!

baby playing next to baby monitor

As a new parent, it’s hard not to have your baby under your watchful eye at all times. Part of you is terrified something will happen when you’re not looking, and part of you doesn’t want to miss a single moment of that cherubic little face.

VTech’s new baby monitor with its full colour screen lets parents keep a close connection with their baby, even when they’re not in the room.

The BM4500 Owl Baby Monitor is as practical as it is adorable. The parent unit has a big 11 centimetre, full colour screen. Because babies rarely stay sleeping in the spot where you put them down, there are remote pan and tilt controls for the baby unit, so your child is always in sight.

The silver and white baby unit is modern and playful. Shaped like a sweet snowy owl with wide, friendly eyes, it does the hard work of helping you keep your child safe. The system allows for up to four owls keeping a watchful eye over four babies, so the monitor can grow with your family.

toddler playing next to baby monitor

The monitor has infrared capability, which means you can see your baby clearly at night. Choose from five lullabies to sing your baby to sleep, and as she’s drifting off, the volume allows you to fade out the sound to silence. If she prefers the sound of your voice, but gets too keyed up when she sees you, there’s two-way speaker/microphone capability. Croon lullabies into the microphone while you cook dinner or have a well-earned rest on the lounge.

VTech is an exclusive SIDS and Kids (Red Nose) baby monitor partner, and creates products like the Owl Monitor to help parents protect their children from SIDS. Temperature is a SIDS risk, and this monitor has a temperature sensor to check how hot or cold the room is.

We’ve all been there: just when you thought you were desperate for a break, there you are, sitting in the lounge, staring at the monitor as your baby sleeps. Nothing is as mesmerising as your sleeping baby! VTech’s BM4500 Owl Baby Monitor gives you peace of mind, and lets you go about your day while your little one rests.

The BM4500 Owl Baby Monitor is $289 from VTech. Pick it up at Baby Bunting or Babies R Us.

(This is a sponsored post for VTech)

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