The village is not dead, says mum when “online friend” gifts her a carseat

Abby Murphy's photo of a gifted car seat

Faith in humanity restored! Abby Murphy is very, very keen to shoot down suggestions “online friends” aren’t “real friends”. While some diminish these friendships as superficial or fake, Abby knows that even friends who’ve never met can have a deep connection – and real value when times are tough.

You’ve got a friend in me

Abby’s story was published on the Love What Matters Facebook page and it’s a sage reminder that things have changed and that friendships are forged in all kinds of (sometimes technology-assisted) diverse and valid ways.

Preparing for the imminent arrival of her baby, Abby vented to one such “online friend” about how overwhelmed she was feeling and the hefty weight of a seemingly never-ending to-do list.

Not only did Abby’s buddy provide an invaluable shoulder to cry on (albeit virtual) and a compassionate set of ears to unload to in response – she stepped up from afar and offered some tangible assistance too. #Champ!

"To those who say the village is dead,This is a car seat.It arrived on my porch this afternoon. Approximately two…

Posted by Love What Matters on Saturday, 6 May 2017

Above and beyond

“To those who say the village is dead,” Abby began, as she told the tale of her farflung, much-cherished “online friend”.

“This is a car seat. It arrived on my porch this afternoon. Approximately two days after venting to a dear friend. A friend I have never met in person: one of those “online” friends people scoff at us moms for having and relying on.”

“A friend who has offered and provided meals when my child was hospitalized, a friend who was ready to get on a plane to help me when I was in tears 7 months pregnant trying to move my family across country,” the grateful mum explained.

“A friend I have never met. A friend who has gone above and beyond so many times. One of those “online” friends,” Abby posted.

“Because she saw a need”

Not only did her buddy listen sympathetically when Abby needed it most, she generously offered some practical help too.

“She listened to me as I listed off how unprepared I was for the imminent arrival of the newest member of our family. How I still needed to get out the baby things, organize and wash clothes, find a babysitter, get a car seat, get a clue in general,” Abby wrote.

“And here, two days later arrives a car seat. Not because I couldn’t or wouldn’t eventually get it myself. Because she saw a need, and a way to alleviate one check on an overwhelmed mom’s long list of to do’s.”

Village 2.0

It was this seeing a need – and the unquestioning and thoughtful response – that impacted most on this thankful mum.

“This is more than a car seat to me. It will forever be a reminder that there are really good people out there: people who care, people who go above and beyond. My village.”

The village is not dead, it’s just transformed into something that looks a little different!

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