Video: Men find out what happens to women’s bodies during pregnancy

Come and share a giggle as men react to pregnancy facts.

BuzzFeed Yellow has gone where most men don’t wish to go – inside the wonderful world of the womb. These ordinary men discover a few fun facts about pregnancy, including how a woman’s body changes and what baby is drinking when in the womb. Their reactions are candid to say the least.

Show this one to your husband, brother or partner and see if they react the same.

All of the reactions are quite funny though we couldn’t help but share our favourites, just in case you don’t have time to watch the entire thing.

  • In reaction to the fact that a women’s uterus expands 500 times its normal size:  “I feel like 500 times its normal size is the size of me.”
  • In reaction to the fact that babies will drink their own pee from the second trimester on: “Are you giving birth to Bear Grylls?”
  • In reaction to how a woman’s body changes during pregnancy: “It’s really scary. I don’t want any of my organs to move at all.
  • In reaction to how a baby’s face changes in the womb: “This just looks like a bad elementary school project.” 

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