Friday funny – this is what happens when parents try to relax

It’s a parenting mystery yet to be solved – how do babies and toddlers always know when you’re about to take a brief second to yourself ? And why do they choose that exact moment to require your unwavering attention?

That’s what Esther and Thad Anderson of Story of This Life explore in their latest viral video that takes us behind the all-too-familiar scenes of a typical busy household with a toddler and a newborn.

Appropriately titled, “Mommy!” the video shows a typical day in the life of a mum – where the pace is always busy and the coffee always cold.

From attempting to read a book (haha, good luck) while bub is napping to sitting down to a hot breakfast when the little one is happily playing, from attempting to watch a grown-up movie after the kids are in bed to trying to take a bath, it’s just never going to happen. Esther knows it. Thad knows it. Every parent with young children knows it. And that’s why we love this video!

How many of these scenes ring true in your household?

As always, the Anderson clan are down-to-earth which is why we adore them so much -Ellia is the epitome of a cheeky sweet toddler and newborn Tessa is just as adorable. Combine the sweet sisters with Esther’s and Thad’s relatability and you’ve got the recipe for another perfect parenting parody.

So, to all parents who give their children 100 per cent each and every day, who never get a chance to recharge their batteries, to fuel up with hot food, to enjoy a moment of silence and to actually sleep more than a few hours at a time, this video is for you.

Enjoy it (most likely while hiding behind a pile of dirty washing in the laundry).

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