Video gives a heartfelt shout out to single mums on Father’s Day

Here in Australia we don’t celebrate Father’s Day until September. But our fans in countries including America mark the day on June 21. So here’s a beautiful and heart-tugging ad created for Father’s Day that will resonate with anyone raised by a single parent, who is a single parent themselves or who, like me, simply admires the strength and grace that single parents demonstrate every single day.

We recently posted about how amazing, strong and simply awesome single mums (and dads) are and it would appear that we are not the only ones that think so. The new ad from Angel Soft, an American tissue company, celebrates single mums who have to be both mum and dad.

The two-minute commercial showcases grown children wishing a happy Father’s Day to the single mums who raised them. As you would expect, the adults get a little teary recalling growing up with a mum that handled it all, from teaching her son to punch to putting food on the table.

Their video advertisement is part of their latest campaign which demonstrates how women have to be soft and strong at the same time, using the hashtag #HappyFathersDayMom.

While it is geared at single mums, it is important to remember that all parents – single mums, single dads, parents who are together, foster parents, carers, step-parents and anyone else raising children – deserve recognition for their endless and often thankless hard work.  So, thank you to all generations of mums and dads out there. And make sure you give yourself a pat on the back as well. Because, you’re doing a great job – just ask your kids.

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