Video: What if employees treat their boss the way children treat their mums?

The BreakWomb ladies recently asked this question and decided to make a video of the results. This hilarious spin takes us inside an office meeting like no other – where the employees act like children and the boss is about ready to crack.

don breakwomb

Meet Don. Don is the office equivalent to Mum. All he is trying to do is hold a meeting to discuss second quarter goals and is instead greeted with four quarrelling employees who have discovered every possible way to make Don’s job more difficult than it has to be.

Sound familiar?

We’ve got one employee who has an accident and needs her bum wiped.

We’ve got another who is refusing to let anyone sign her document because she wants, “Don do it”.

And we’ve got a cheeky employee who can’t help but tease her co-worker that he was “an accident” hiring, despite Don’s best efforts to correct her with the term “unplanned”.

Then there is the employee who refuses to clean up her mess, only to then break down in tears because she “wants to go home.”

The BreakWomb team turn the break room into an honest account of what it’s like to deal with a child. After all, what parent hasn’t heard their children complain because they are “hunnnngggrrrry” or because a sibling stole their pen?

And you thought your co-workers were childish! Someone please pour Don a glass of wine.

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