Video: Conversations with a four-year-old but with one major twist

The first time their child rides a bike without training wheels is an exciting moment that most parents want to capture on film. But this dad went one step further. He took the moment, wrote a script about how it happened, and then re-enacted the event, but with a small swap in cast. Come and have a laugh at these actual conversations between a dad and his daughter.

Coco Frances Harrison-Clarke is your typical dramatic and curious four-year-old. One moment she is excited to be riding her bike, the next, she is contemplating the life and death of an ant. Welcome to Convos with my Four-Year-Old, one of our favourite YouTube series that tells it how it is, but with one major change.

The role of four-year-old Coco is shared by David Milchard, a 42-year-old man.

The conversation, the behaviour and the actions are so familiar and typical of a preschooler. In many frames, Coco plays herself to help set the scene. But when the comedic Milchard takes over the role, including donning Cocos’s outfit, mimicking her attitude and adopting her mannerisms, magic happens.

This is the fifth season of Convos with my Four-Year-Old which has undergone a name change from the inaugural Convos with my Two-Year-Old to reflect Coco growing up.

This one about bedtime has got to be one of my favourites but all of the conversations are so classic, you’ll wonder if the writer has a recorder in your own child’s room.

We cannot wait to see where Convos with my Five-Year-Old takes the trio. My son is five and if he is anything to go by, it will be their best season yet!

What is the funniest things your children have said to you this week?

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